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Cleanroom Micro fiber-Knitted Wipers
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Constructed from microfibers of Polyester & Nylon
With cut edge of Ultrasonic-sealed or Laser cut, it exhibits lower particle and fiber
Processed and Packed in class 10 cleanroom
Variety of sizes and packaging options
Solvent-safe Double bag Cleanroom packaging
Composition & Attributes
Wiper Material 70% Polyester & 30% Nylon
Basic Weight(+/-10gsm) 170
Standard sizes(+/-0.2”)(size can be customized) 4x4” 6”x6” 9”x9”
Packaging 40pcs/bag
Edge Model Ultrasonic-Sealed(USE)-default Laser-Sealed(LSE)
Technical data(according to Seagate Method # 35344-001)
Organic Contaminant via FTIR No silicone oil,No Amide,No DOP
LPC(>=0.5micron ,particles/cm2) 1200
NVR(mg/g) DI-water 0.10
IPA 1.00
Absorbency(ml/m2) 360
Ions Contamination(ug/g) Chloride 0.50
Sulfate 0.85
Total Anion 3.50
Ammonia 0.60
Note: The data in this table represent typical analyses at the time of publication.
These are not specifications. CleanEra continually refines both its process and its products. -太阳城集团官方导航
Superior for use in optical products and display industry ---- wiping lens and a sensitive surface
Superior for use in automobile industry and jewelry industry
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