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Constructed from microfibers of polyester & Nylon
Laser cut edge to reduce particles and wave
Processed and Packed in class 10 cleanroom
Variety of sizes and packaging options
Solvent-safe Double bag Cleanroom packaging
Composition & Attributes
Wiper Material 70% Polyester & 30% Nylon
Basic Weight(+/-5gsm) 80
Standard sizes(+/-0.2”) 
(size can be customized)
4x4 9x9
Packaging 80pcs /bag 
20pcs /bag 
Technical data(according to Seagate Method # 35344-001)
Organic Contaminant via FTIR No Silicone Oil, No Amide, No DOP
LPC(>=0.5micron , particles/cm2) 980
NVR(mg/g) DI-water 0.15
IPA 1.15
Absorbency(ml/m2) 180
Ions Contamination(ug/g) Chloride 0.18
Sulfate 0.45
Total Anion 0.95
Ammonia 1.30
Note: The data in this table represent typical analyses at the time of publication. These are not specifications.
CleanEra continually refines both its process and its products.
Superior for use in LCD/HDD industries or high-tech industries etc.
Superior for  general wiping
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