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Manufactured from high quality Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) synthetic co-polymer
Resistance wide range of solvent chemicals
Excellent sensitivity, superior strength and flexibility
    Accelerator free, sulfur free, Itching Free
1. Cleanliness  
Particle Counts(Orbital shaker, 0.5um & larger) <2500 counts/cm2
Traceable Ions Fluoride (F) N/A
Chloride (Cl) <0.3mg/g   
Nitrite (NO2) N/A
Bromide (Br) N/A
Nitrate (NO3) <0.5mg/g
Phosphate (PO4) N/A
Sulfate (SO4) <0.1mg/g
Total Anion <0.8mg/g
Non-Volatile Residue  IPA/Hexane <20mg/g
FT-IR  (Test for major organic contaminants) No Silicone oil, No Amide & No DOP
(Tested in accordance to Seagate Method—Doc.Number:35344-001 Rev.P)
2. Dimensions 尺寸 (Ref Doc: ASTM D3578/D6319)
Glove Size 12 Palm Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
     Small(S) 85 + 5 min 290 > 0.06
     Medium(M) 95 + 5 min 290 > 0.06
     Large(L) 105 + 5 min 290 > 0.06
3. Physical Properties(Ref Doc: ASTM D6319/D412)   
Strength /Elongation Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strength(MPa) Min 14 min 14
Ultimate Elongation(%) Min 500 min 400
4. ESD Properties(Ref Seagate Doc: ST1248 Rev. C)
Surface Resistivity(ohms/square) Maximum  1010
Static Decay(sec) Maximum 2
Triboelectric charge(volts) Maximum 20
5. SEM/EDX Test(Ref Seagate Doc: 35366-001 Rev. H)
MgSiO (counts/cm2) <80
6. Copper Strip Test:No Discoloration
7. Quality Assurance:Manufactured under ISO9001:2008 Quality System and ISO14001:2004 Environment System
8. Packaging:100 pieces of gloves per double poly-bags 10 bags per carton
Critical Cleanroom Environment, Semiconductor Industries, Flat Panel Displays
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